Stewart Sport And Spine Physical Therapy Testimonials

Knowledgeable & Thorough

Dr. Stewart is very knowledgeable and thorough. I’ve had back pain for around 15 years and he’s helped me feel better within a short timeframe. I’m able to do more high intensity workouts that I’ve been avoiding in the past. He will take the time to make sure you completely understand why he is doing and what you should be doing to help yourself. Can’t recommend him enough!

Kristi C

I Finally Felt Heard

Before seeing Dr. Stewart I had back pain and shooting pain/numbness going down my leg for 8 months. I couldn’t drive across town without horrible pain and numbness down my leg so sitting for any period was horrible. I wasn’t able to do as many activities with my kids due to the constant pain. I had tried chiropractic adjustments, traditional physical therapy, my primary care doctor, dry needling with very little relief that didn’t last long. After the first visit with Dr. Stewart I finally felt heard. He took the time to know exactly what I was feeling and was so incredibly knowledgeable but made sure that I also understood what was going on. He marked out what my treatment plan would look and the different stages I would be in and what body structure we would be focusing on. In 9 visits I was able to get completely pain free doing activities that I hadn’t been able to do for almost a year. I did have a set back from pushing myself too hard but because Dr. Stewart and given me the tools I needed I was able to continue doing his exercise and get pain free again. I would recommend Dr. Stewart to everyone- he is so knowledgeable and truly cares about you as a patient. I wish I had gone to Dr. Stewart sooner and not wasted so much money at all the other doctors.

Emily N

Patient-First Approach

I was experiencing debilitating nerve pain in my hands and arms. I was miserable and was trying to figure out what was wrong without going to a typical doctor. I sought out Dr. Stewart as a recommendation and thought I’d try the route of physical therapy. Turns out, the nerve pain I was feeling was due to stress from life and occupation. Dr. Stewart diagnosed the issue right away and then we got to work focused on how to reduce stress to alleviate and eradicate the symptoms I was experiencing. Dr. Stewart offers a patient first approach and truly wants to get down to the problem, provide therapy, and get us better without having to keep coming back for treatments if they aren’t necessary. I didn’t think physical therapy could help aid in stress management but I’ve learned how to reduce symptoms should they occur and provided me with a plan to continue to work on independently. He also made sure I was 100% better before discharging me. My nerve symptoms went from 75% of the day, painful, to about 10% of the day and I don’t really realize it’s happening. When it does, I engage in the stress management I learned though the sessions. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Stewart any more for any physical therapeutic needs!

Melissa J

Pain for Years Now GONE!

I had leg and lower back pain for over three years. It started as an occasional numbness, and ultimately got to the point that there were days when I couldn’t get out of bed. I frequently couldn’t twist at the waste without excruciating pain. At times I had to be careful walking. I couldn’t work out much, and if I over did it I would be unable to do anything for days. I had particular issues standing up or sitting down. I treated it for sciatica, IT band issues, tight hamstrings, weak glutes, arthritis and just about anything I could find. I tried heat, cold, compression, Tylenol, a prescription anti-inflammatory, massage, chiropractic, and ultrasound guided shots into my SI joint. While I got various levels of relief from any one thing, nothing gave me any lasting relief. Ultimately I found Stewart Sport and Spine PT online and after a brief consultation began treatment for SI joint dysfunction. After 10 sessions, I’m now able to stand for long periods of time, walk without issues, stand up, sit down, lift weights, run, twist and just about everything else I couldn’t previously do. The best part is I got the tools to take care of the issue myself should it come back. There’s no need to go forever. Well worth the cost. I highly recommend Stewart Sport and Spine PT for SI Joint Dysfunction.

Troy D

The Best Thing I did for myself

After much frustration with doctors and therapist that did not know what they were dealing with and just writing the situation off. I decided to wait for my osteoporosis appointment to discuss with him. This doctor was concerned that I may have fractured my SI joint and ordered an MRI. FINALLY. As I was waiting for the results to be had – a friend spotted Steward Sport & Spine Physical Therapy on Facebook and shared with me. After opening the website, it didn’t take long to see myself in every word Dr. Josh had spoken. I quickly booked an appointment. The best thing I did for myself. After following Dr. Josh’s direction on a program of daily exercises. I now can get in and out of my vehicle, drive some distance without pain. Not to mention stand, sit, and climb the staircase without pain. Must say that I can go days NOW without pain. However, if I find myself feeling the slightest bit sore, I know exactly what to do and how. Doctor Josh has been a godsend. I cannot talk more highly of him and have recommended his practice and services to many!

Joyce F

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Krystal S

“Josh was so knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!!! 👏” 


Dave M

 “I came to Dr. Stewart, after years of discomfort and pain in my hip and leg.  It had become worse over the last year, not allowing me to sit for extended periods of time.  I had not had it diagnosed prior to visiting Dr. Josh Stewart.   I signed up for his $21 initial consultation.  He was able to diagnose me in that consultation with an SI joint disorder.  Together, we embarked on a journey over the coming weeks, to treat me.  Within about 4-5 weeks, I was experiencing great relief.   I now have no more issues or  pain in my hip and leg.  I was also experiencing some carpal tunnel, quite severe, in my right hand and less severe in my left.  Dr. Stewart began treating this as well.  Although I am no longer under his care, I am continuing to do the exercises and stretches for the carpal tunnel and I am experiencing great results.  Dr. Stewart is extremely knowledgeable, informative and helpful.  He always makes time for questions, answers, feedback and makes you feel very comfortable with the treatment that he is providing.  I have referred him to one person already. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”